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Are you struggling to accomplish what you need to do because of missing functionality? Do you wish you could streamline a particular area? Have certain aspects of SAP Business One become too complex? Do you wish you could take fewer steps to cut time from start to finish in a particular task or process?




The good news is, SAP Business One is flexible. Enhancements and modifications can be made exactly where you need them most without having to buy a full-blown add-on package. The customized products we develop—for businesses run on SAP Business One—don’t require a license, maintenance or per user license fee. You only pay for the development of the features and functionality you need—once. Additional cost does apply when you decide to extend more capabilities or upgrade to the next SAP version.





Customization is about giving your business characteristics and dynamics the ability to be easily expressed in SAP Business One.


We design and create custom add-ons and solutions for


KB1Pro SPartners





Who want to boost their development
capacity to support initiatives and meet
unique demands quickly.
Small to midsize businesses




Who want to fill a void or bridge
a gap with a custom solution that
matches their needs precisely.
KB1Pro Stakeholder





Who want to turn their big ideas
into a product through the
SAP Business One Stakeholder Program.




Whether you find yourself at the beginning of your SAP Business One journey or have matured and acquired experience in your SAP Business One environment, you will discover opportunities for continuous improvement. We are here to help you—at any stage—seize these opportunities and make them work for you in the best possible and cost effective way.


A custom solution developed just for you! Because sometimes what you need can't be found in or done with an off-the-shelf product. If you have any issues with the delivered solution, within the first 90 days, the fix is free.

Are you considering SAP Business One but not sure if it's for you? Are you looking for ways to get the most out of SAP Business One? You are welcome to pick our brain to help you achieve the breakthroughs you wish to see. 



The following products are in active development for the SAP Business One community with the flexibility to be customized to your individual needs.

Open to the input and wisdom of everyone. Know who is in charge of what. No need to grant access to SAP Business One. Only expose data that is needed and avoid exposing sensitive company information. 

An e-commerce solution for SAP Business One powered by open source platform Drupal.  Drupal is a website CMS (content management software) with large community support. Used by Governments and large corporations due to security features.





Product development is costly to build, maintain and support. By sharing the cost across a number of stakeholders, much larger and costly products can be built with a smaller individual investment. Stakeholders receive a profit return on each sale and a deeper discount on each purchase.

Calculate an investment and return for product development.
Use the interactive worksheet to see how the stakeholder program works. Adjust the estimated product development cost. Select the percentage of the product you would like to own. See what ROI you can achieve.






With the tools created for SAP Business One development addon installer is quick and easy. Simply select release build and the SAP Business One target version in Visual Studio. As part of the build process, an SAP ard file is created and zipped up for delivery.


A Sprint to Agile Story.
The how and why we converted from waterfall to agile for software development. My personal journey starts as a video game programmer in the 80's to present-day SAP Business One solution development.





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