Project Management Office Suite for SAP Business One Vision


The Vision for KB1PMOS Project Management Office Suite for SAP Business One. How SAP Business One and Tuleap work together to create a Project Management system. Granting access to projects and data for both internal and external resources.






SAP Business One & Tuleap - Combining the best business management system with the best project management platform.

SAP Business One is a single business management solution that allows small to midsize businesses to control the entire organization easily and efficiently. It provides all the functions necessary to manage, automate and simplify workflow and processes. It is highly flexible and customizable and can be tailored to unique business and industry-specific requirements.

Tuleap is an open source platform for agile management and software development supporting both agile and waterfall methodologies. A full project environment can be created instantly and a default Kanban or Scrum template in only a few clicks. Just as SAP Business One, it can be tailored to suit specific needs.

SAP Business One and Tuleap don’t just complement each other. Together they form a powerful solution to increase project success rate, greatly improve the quality of professional services and maximize project and company profitability. As a small company developing add-ons and solutions based on SAP Business One, we needed a system to track our support tickets, projects, and products have the ability to submit bugs and change requests.

KB1PMOS focuses on three areas.

  1. Support (ticket submission and resolution)
  2. Projects for installation, training, implementation
  3. Products for software development

Support captures and tracks all requests for help in a Kanban style. Tickets can be moved from backlog to in progress and when finished to done. Historical data of bugs, request features, and support tickets can be viewed in one place. There is also a time tracker that allows the support team to enter their time against each one of the tickets. It comes with an add-on for ticket submission for the end user eliminating the need to go to a website in order to report an incident. Ticket submission is initiated within SAP Business One.

To check the progress of this product, you can use #KB1PMOS on most social media. Projects hold all relevant data for better project control, clear oversight and easy traceability. The types of projects that can be set up go as far as your imagination. We see it as a great tool to manage software and hardware implementations and client training. Along with the time tracker, you can evaluate and analyze the outcome of each project to help fine-tune your company and your team for future improvements.

The Products area is used for software development and bug tracking allowing end users to make change requests and stakeholders to track the progress of a product. This category also has a download area for add-ons and solutions.

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