SAP Business One and Drupal E-Commerce

An e-commerce solution for SAP Business One powered by open source platform Drupal.  Drupal is a website CMS (content management software) with large community support. Used by Governments and large corporations due to security features.


Some key features of the solution are:

One source, one point data entry

Maintaining and operating an e-commerce website should not be difficult or time-consuming. The only source of truth for data should come from SAP Business One. Once a website is set up with a custom look and feel, the data to add and update items, item description, item image(s), inventory, price, price list per Business Partner, Business Partners, delivery information, custom UDF, etc., needs to come from SAP's data. The only data that should exist on the website first, is the orders placed online and the payment gateway conformation. Moving the website content data to SAP, eliminates the need to access the website and double data entry for any SAP users with permissions to create or update website content.


Drupal is Open Source

Whenever possible, we use Open Source over a Proprietary solution to avoid vendor lock-in and a single source of help. KB1Pro is committed to adding enhancements and new features to the product and fixing bugs. The Open Source philosophy gives you more choices than just KB1Pro to host, design and theme your website. With Drupal being Open Source, there is a larger, worldwide pool of resources you can turn to for help and themes. This can reduce the overall cost and dependency found in Proprietary solutions.


Theme your Website

Drupal has a number of themes available to brand the look and the features you desire in your website. You can free your website from the cookie cutter design and customize it. You also have access to companies and individuals throughout the world that create custom Drupal websites for companies like yours. Having the data independent from the website layout and design gives you freedom to change the look of your website as often as you like without the need for custom code changes by KB1Pro.


History of KB1ECOM

In 2009, we created an SAP Business One 2007 website shopping cart using Drupal and Ubercart. This was demonstrated at the Fox Valley Drupal Meetup May 27, 2010, We created this as a one-off/custom solution for a client in need of an SAP B1 e-commerce solution. The customer actively used the solution for 5 years and then stopped using SAP B1 to run their business. The customer asked if we could port the solution to work with their new business software. Since our focus was and still is on SAP Business One, we turned down the request to port. We feel it is time to revisit this solution and offer it as an SAP community product.


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