SAP Business One Collaboration

Open to the input and wisdom of everyone. Know who is in charge of what. No need to grant access to SAP Business One. Only expose data that is needed and avoid exposing sensitive company information. 

Move beyond the power of one to the power of collective efficacy.


Collaboration made simple with one source of truth for all activities, processes, and workflow.


Business Processes of organizations are defined by a collection of linked tasks which ideally end in the delivery of excellent customer experience and feedback. When the produced efforts don’t measure up or align with the business goals and customer expectations, it may be time to examine the underlying issues that cause less than satisfactory performance and outcome. KB1Collab helps you manage moving parts, goals, and personnel, and recognize patterns of failures and pain points.


KB1Collab connects teams, stakeholders, customers, and vendors. It enables participants to engage at any stage and complete different activities and projects collectively, aligning performance management and customer experience goals.
KB1Collab is designed to assist you in operating SAP Business One in the most efficient manner, enabling you to capture any process in a structured manner, then automate, monitor, and optimize it, repeating this cycle for the life of the process continuously.


Grant external access to SAP Business One without exposing SAP data. Collaboration through the online virtual cardwall helps to execute tasks, projects and processes according to plan and makes business activities transparent to reduce bottlenecks, inefficiencies and documentation hassles. Detailed reports and charts provide visibility into team’s progress.



Turn activities you do in SAP Business One into movable sticky notes.  

  • Centralize project activities to plan, track, develop, deliver.
  • Share agile best practices.
  • Create corporate project templates.
  • Customizable workspace for project managers.



Log, track, review changes and their approval, and various artifacts (bugs, tasks, requirements). As many trackers as necessary can be created and modified for a project. All trackers can be fully adapted to processes and business needs, whether they are predefined at site-level or created by project.


Time remains an important factor in managing Help Desk, Service Calls and Requests, Support Tickets, Activities, and Projects. 

Know the areas that consume most of your team’s time. Bill your customers based on actual time spent, not based on guesstimates. See how your Service Level Agreement with your customers measures up with profitability. KB1Collab supports planning and tracking for all teams online. 



Organize everyday tasks into a clear workflow and focus attention on things that matter most right now in every department. Cumulative flow charts show how tasks are distributed across process stages and where they extent expenses and time.

  • Create Kanban Boards in one click.
  • Configure workflows through columns.
  • Divide workflow into stages.
  • Limit number of ongoing activities (WIP).
  • Drag ‘n’ drop to update cards.
  • Easily customize board by changing column order and renaming titles.
  • Share boards with everyone while limiting updates to specific user groups.
  • Focus on one activity at a time.
  • Make smaller, more frequent deliveries.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Communicate with colleagues.



Your organization gone agile, without even knowing it—from how you work, move through processes, collectively work towards common goals, and respond to the needs of your customers.


KB1Collab offers the following to 


  1. Enhance agility, visibility, and stability by managing the entire cycle of processes and moving them through test and production.
  2. Improve communication—internally and externally—within operations between teams, management, and stakeholders.
  3. Increase speed and ensure accountability by following repeatable processes.
  4. Meet compliance with certain requirements by maintaining standard documents and procedures.
Process Improvement

Process Improvement helps simplify repeatable processes, enhance business practices and ensure a high degree of customer service. No matter the maturity level or methodology, ISO, CMMI and ITIL Process Improvement implementations focus on organizational goals, Customer Service, Communication and Metrics Reporting, Reduction of Learning Curves and IT costs.

Project Management

KB1Collab is integrated with the project management functions of SAP Business One to quickly set up a central project environment with customizable workspace to plan, track and share agile best practices with colleagues, partners, contractors and customers wherever they are while keeping information safe and under control. Managers and developers are able to utilize a variety of methodologies including agile, waterfall, hybrid or custom processes. 

Continuous Development

Continuous Development can be applied to any policy or process in a working setting that helps to focus on improving the way things are done on a regular basis and come up with a continuous improvement strategy. Good baseline and ongoing measurements of performance, commitment, strategy, and process will help identify how effective the efforts being made are.

Document Management

Includes integrated web-based management system for document uploads for project members in a secure, centralized location with built-in version control, approval workflow, document history, and updates. Documents can be linked to artifacts (requirements, tasks, incidents) to provide a complete picture for the user.

While KB1Collab is not a dedicated document management system, publishing documents critical to your users' community is extremely convenient. The Document Manager can handle any type of document. Documents are stored in folders and subfolders. They can be edited online if in text or HTML format. For each document or folder, access control rules can be defined. Documents have searchable metadata and properties. Examples include installation, administration or user guide, API documentation, frequently asked questions, etc.


Lean (Production)

Lean production is a management approach that concentrates on waste cutting and quality assurance by making the business more efficient and market responsive. This approach is applicable to all aspects of a company—every process in which something goes through from start to finish. KB1Collab enables the defining of workflows and necessary stages which can be customized to specific needs. Materials and work in progress are pushed from 1 process to the next, cutting out activities that don’t add value to the process and minimizing movement of people and products around the business. 


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