SAP Business One Project Management with Tuleap

With Tuleap and SAP Business One you get a full end-to-end project management and ongoing support system. Tuleap supports agile scrumkanbanwaterfall or hybrid models per project. Teams can work in a fashion that suits the needs, styles, and requirements of the company or project. SAP Business One is utilized for its financial and reporting features.


Tuleap is Open Source

Whenever possible, we use Open Source over a Proprietary solution to avoid vendor lock-in and a single source of help. KB1Pro is committed to adding enhancements and new features to the product and fixing bugs. The Open Source philosophy gives you more choices than just KB1Pro for hosting, design and support. With Tuleap being Open Source, there is a larger, worldwide pool of resources you can turn to for help. This can reduce the overall cost and dependency found in Proprietary solutions.

What are the benefits?

  • Engage the stakeholder to take an active role in the project success.
  • Better project time tracking with integration to SAP for invoicing and project cost analytics.
  • General and per project support ticket system.
  • Quoting system that is easy to use.


Who is it for?

Anyone looking for:

  • Visibility into the progress of a project.
  • Single location to hold and access all project information for team members, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Anyone looking to establish organizational procedures, workflow, and task assignment.


Where can it be used?

Software development, implementation, training, hardware deployment, production, support, professional services—basically any area to help achieve objectives and goals.


What is included?

  • Tuleap templates to get you started.
  • Desktop time tracker for Windows and Linux.
  • SAP Business One Add-on to configure and access Tuleap data.
  • SAP Business One forms for converting time tracker into invoices.
  • Crystal reports for creating documents for distribution.


Why we moved to Tuleap:

Prior to Tuleap, we used Redmine to manage our projects and track issues. The major problem we faced was that Redmine didn't support different methodologies and every time Redmine would upgrade, we had to update and upgrade the customization we had done to Redmine. Tuleap met all of our requirements—web-based access to project information for team members and stakeholders, flexible workflow per project type, product version release downloads, support ticket submission and tracking, change request submission, bug submission and tracking, central document storage, Rest API interface, easy to navigate website interface, and data display in graphical chart format for a crystal clear overview—and exceeded our expectations in its flexibility, customizability and how well it supports multiple SAP type documents.

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With Tuleap and SAP Business One you get a full end-to-end project management and ongoing support system.