SAP Business One Products

Project Management methodologies that fit the company, team and project style needs.

Great for software development, implementation, training, hardware deployment or tasks with objective goals and workflow.

 Scrum methodology
 Kanban board support
 Bug tracker
 Support tickets
 Desktop time tracker
 SAP Add-on for configuration, invoicing and more
 Crystal reports to generate project documents for distribution
 Waterfall method not currently planned. If there is a community interest in waterfall it will be added.

RESTful service that is easy to use and easy to configure for SAP Business One

Get, post and put SAP Business One data easily and security.

 Data Validation
 Field Aliasing
 Useful error code messages
 SAP Business One Messages/Alert reporting
 SAP User Defined Fields (UDF) support
 Mandatory data field settings including UDF
 Configuration per SAP document, data-source, user login

Connecting SAP Business One with Drupal + Ecommerce

Providing a complete end-to-end website shopping experience.

 SAP B1 add/update item on website
 SAP B1 add/update item pricing on website
 SAP B1 add/update shipping information on website
 Website add/update sales order in SAP B1
 Website add/update customer contact information in SAP B1

Find SAP Business One batch item location easily

Find a Batch in:

 Goods Receipt PO
 Production Orders
 Raw goods
 Finished goods
 SAP Business One documents