SAP Business One Community Product Development

Do you have an idea for a product to serve the SAP community? SAP Business One development is our specialty. Get your product developed and a return on your investment for each sale.

Do you feel products and services are no longer an option but crucial to business growth and profitability? The mission of the SAP Business One Stakeholder Program is to present customers and partners the opportunity to revamp, replace or expand product offerings to create new revenue streams with less risk in capital investment. 


You know what your customers want and need but you may not have the ability, time or the resources to focus your efforts on products that are desirable, cost-effective, completely reliable, intuitive and user-friendly. It takes talent, an understanding of the SAP Business One application, problem-solving skills and an effective process to deliver great products in the way you conceive them.


This also involves seeking ideas and opinions from all those who interact with the product throughout its life cycle, and in a broader sense, requires collaboration with a range of individuals and organizations to learn and improve product development processes. 


Because all companies want to grow, the idea behind the SAP Business One Product Stakeholder program is to provide a leaner, economical structure that enables cost sharing of product development across stakeholders with the goal to expand product offerings with affordable options. 


Bottom-line benefits include increased revenue as new products provide new revenue streams. Redesign of current products can reduce costs, thereby increasing margins. Robust design process reduces defects and improves quality. Sales and market share are being increased by broader distribution. 


As far as competitiveness, it provides opportunities to innovate and develop new products or product variants to enhance competition in regional, national and international markets. Provides customers with more innovative products that better meet their needs with improved functionality, personalization and interpersonal services and increases responsiveness to create niche products and to customer preferences.


If you’re ready to stay one step ahead, take advantage of new technology improvements, and attract customers with new product launches, this program is for you.


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