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Project Management Agile, scrum, kanban


Project Management Office Suite for SAP Business One using Tuleap


With Tuleap as the forward facing website and SAP Business One for all financial aspects, you get a full end to end project management and ongoing support system. Tuleap supports agile scrum, kanban, waterfall or hybrid models per project. Teams can work in a fashion that suites the needs, styles and requirements of the company or project. SAP Business One is utilized for its financial, invoicing and reporting features.

What are the benefits?

  • Engage the stakeholder to take a more active role in the project success.
  • Better project time tracking with integration to SAP for invoicing and project cost analytics.
  • General and per project support ticket system.
  • Quoting system that is easy to use.


Who is it for?

Anyone looking for:

  • Visibility into the progress of a project.
  • Single location to hold and access all project information for team members, stakeholders and customers.
  • Anyone looking to establish organizational procedures, work-flow and task assignment.


Where can it be used?

Software development, implementation, training, hardware deployment and anything that involves objective goals.

What is included?

  • Tuleap templates to get you started.
  • Desktop time tracker for Windows and Linux.
  • SAP Business One Add-on to configure and access Tuleap data.
  • SAP Business One forms for converting time tracker into invoices.
  • Crystal reports to create documents for distribution.


Why we moved to Tuleap:

We have been using Tuleap since 2016, although the journey that brought us here started in 2013. At that time, we went on a search to replace our Redmine project management system, which we had been using since 2009, with something new. On the technical side , we wanted to change how we approached project planning, work-flow, version releases, support, change requests, bugs, testing and documentation. From the non-technical point of view, we needed to remove the technical jargon and provide information that is useful to stakeholder(s). Our simple goal was to have stakeholder(s) take a more active role in the success of a project and Tuleap met the criteria we were looking for.